14 Faves

Joy N. Hensley
Query Shark--Read past queries to see what works and what doesn't in queries, or brave the shark tank yourself!
Scrivener--a great writing tool that helps organize your book!
Ryan Gosling's Writing Tumbler -- parody account that is hilarious!

Joshua David Bellin
Literary Rambles -- the single best place to search for agents who rep YA/MG:
Creative Writing with the Crimson League -- Victoria Grefer's friendly, no-nonsense writing tips:
PubHub (formerly YA Stands) -- a great collection of writing-related posts, most of them on YA:

Lisa Maxwell
Nathan Bransford -- Great writing advice from a former agent turned writer.
Writer, Writer Pants on Fire -- Author Mindy McGinnis's Blog and much, much more!

Austin Aslan
Chuck Sambuchino's Guide to Literary Agents -- Writer's Digest editor's guide to, well, Literary Agents.
Publisher's Weekly -- Almost anything going on in the publishing world can be found here.

Kat Ross
Finding Wonderland -- Collaborative blog where writers post on all things YA
Meg Caobt -- The amazing Meg Cabot's blog
WTF Bad Romance Covers -- Need a Book Cover pick me up? This is the place to go!

S.L. Duncan
From the Write Angle -- Advice about the first draft to the book shelf and everything in between.
Agent Query Connect -- Online social community for everyone in the publishing industry.

Shallee McArthur
Query Shark (Because, queries! From an agent perspective)
Title To Come (Writing funnies! From a writer's perspective.)
Life In Publishing (Publishing funnies! From a publisher's perspective.)

Kendall Kulper
Publishing Crawl -- a great blog with YA writers, publishers, and insiders talking about everything from the writing perspective to the nitty-gritty of book marketing
Kristin Cashore -- my favorite author blog, filled with peaceful, meditative, and original reflections about writing and creativity
Tor.com -- a great place for all things sci-fi and fantasy with frequent short-story contributions from your favorite authors

Kate Boorman
Query Shark -- Think your query is ready? Then take a dip in the Query Shark's feeding ground and find out.
Absolute Write— I haven’t been at the water cooler for a couple of years, but I learned how publishing works by lurking there.

Sarah J. Schmitt
YAtopia -- A blog of ten MG, YA, & NA writers talking all things books!
YA Book Central -- I love this blog for tons of reasons, not the least of which is for the amazing cover reveals they do!
Kelsey Macke's YouTube Channel -- A hilarious and informative vlog for anyone who's a writer or just enjoys a good vlog!
Sam Tsui's YouTube Channel -- If you are needing musical inspiration, this guy will blow you mind. Seriously. Mind blown!

Kristine Carlson Asselin
Navigating the slush pile -- This is Vickie Motter's website and a direct link to her post about formatting your manuscript.
Write for Apples -- Check out Dee Romito's amazing website with tons of great writerly advice!

Kristen Lippart-Martin
YA Writers on Reddit -- A discussion board for YA Writers. It's a wealth of information and a great place to meet other YA Writers.
Hello, tailor -- A blog hosted by HUGO AWARD NOMINEE film, TV and costume design critic Gavia Baker-Whitelaw. 

Jaye Robin Brown
Natalie Whipple: Between Fact and Fiction -- Stephanie Perkin's Guest Post about Love Lists for your novel.
Maggie Stiefvater's Website -- Direct link to Maggie Steifvater's post on Time Management.

Amy Finnegan
Publisher's Marketplace -- Publisher's Marketplace: You need a subscription to see everything you'll want to, but this is an especially helpful site when it comes time to submit your own manuscript. You'll be able to see which agents are selling books like hotcakes, and what types of manuscripts particular editors are attracted to.
Cynsations --This is author Cynthia Leitich Smith's blog, and I think it's fantastic. Writers and readers alike flock here to read up on the latest and greatest authors and books in the children's and young adult market!
Bookshop Talk -- This is a book review site that allows anyone from around the world to submit reviews of their favorite books. And only their favorites, so if you're looking for a great read, there's nothing negative to slog through.

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