Friday, August 22, 2014

My Summer Vacation in 99 Words

Early June, a few weeks before pub date, midst of blog tour. Informed that book will only be published as e-book.

 photo confused_zps5552be71.gif

Following day. Boxes of now useless swag arrive on doorstep.

 photo buffy_zpsb976fbe3.gif

Okay, fine. It was more like this.

 photo johngoodman_zps5acdf9ab.gif

 photo joncleese_zps7788373a.gif

Two weeks later. Informed that actually, book will be not published at all because publisher is going out of business.

 photo depressed_zpsf654a26d.gif

End June. Agent calls. Has sold book to Skyscape.

 photo weepingunderdesk_zps2b498eea.gif

Mid-August. Still waiting for contract to be finalized.

 photo heyleslie_zpsf4c72e8f.gif

My birthday. New contract lands! Can now move on and get back to work. So excited about my WIP.

 photo bunny-sleep_zpsa408ee28.gif

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