Thursday, January 9, 2014

Welcome to the Fall Fourteeners

"Getting your book published is so easy," said no one ever... in the history of the universe. Which is why we have banded together to cheer on, commiserate and support our fellow Fall 2014 debut young adult authors. (And hopefully convince you, the God-like readers who control our fates, to take a look at the fantastic YA lit coming out this year!)

This is an anything goes place where we can discuss our thoughts on the writing, revising, publishing, and marketing aspects of the business that has called to us like a siren's song.

So sit back with your cup of apple cider and prepare to meet your 
Fall, 2014 Debut Authors! 

And be sure to check back on our official Launch Day:
Friday, February 14 (Valentine's Day!),
when we show our readers some love with a